Call for 2018 Regeneron Prize Nominations

The Regeneron Prize for Creative Innovation honors excellence in biomedical science and will be awarded to one graduate student and a postdoc.  The award is $50,000.  
QB3 can submit 2 graduate students and 2 postdocs for consideration as a UCB nominee. UCB can nominate 2 graduate students and 2 postdocs. 
If you would like to be considered as a nominee for the 2018 Regeneron Prize for Creative Innovation, please send an email to, by noon Wednesday, February 14, and include:
1.)  Your name
2.)  Your status (how long as a grad/postdoc)
3.)  Your lab/PI
4.)  Your CV.
5.)  A pdf or word doc with a BRIEF (LESS than 200 words) description of your “dream’ project.
If you are selected as a QB3 nominee to be put forward in the UCB nomination process, you will be asked to submit a 2-page proposal of your dream project, your CV and 2-3 representative publications by February 27.

Regeneron Prize Application Guide and Form

Regeneron Dream Project Guidelines