Tesis remuneradas en Laboratorio de Virología Molecular

It offers thesis remuneradasEn translational research on the molecular factors that contribute to the severity of the pathogenesis caused by the human influenza virus.

There are places for 2 students of master's degree or Bachelor's degree in biochemistry, engineering, Molecular biotechnology, biology, chemistry and pharmacy or related careers.

Students will be incorporated into a multidisciplinary research group and acquire training in various virological techniques including; techniques of molecular biology, cell culture and serological, including flow cytometry.

Contact: Dr Rafael Medina Silva)rmedinai@uc.cl)
Assistant Professor, Department of infectious diseases and pediatric Immunology
Faculty of medicine, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.

Marcoleta 391
RM 8330024, Santiago, Chile
Tel: + 56-2-2354-3355 or 2354-8181

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