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R&D Scientist for Recombinant Enzymes and Protein Chemistry at Kura Biotech

We are searching for a highly motivated scientist to join our R&D team in our headquarters location in Puerto Varas, Chile. The role of this scientist will be crucial to


Called CoV2 Genome Consortium

Dear Partners and Partners, We wrote to you on behalf of the CoV2 Genome Consortium, a group of researchers and institutions that is sequencing genomes of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and has been invited by


Welcome New Directive 2021-2022

On January 21 at his last meeting as President of the Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Chile, Luis Larrondo, together with the rest of his directive delivered


New videos show the mysterious folding of the RNA

A new study led by Northwestern University is revealing the mystery of how RNA molecules fold together to fit inside cells and perform specific functions. The


2021 IUBMB January News

2021 JANUARY NEWS CONGRATULATIONS IUBMB Wood-Whelan Fellows IUBMB Mid-Career Fellows ALL FELLOWSHIPS DEADLINE: * APRIL 1st, 2021 * Supports up to 2 months in a lab and up to

Job offers

Two Postdoc Positions Available – Host Pathogen interaction in Lentiviral Infection Laboratory

OUR LABORATORY is interested in decorticating the host pathogen interactions at the basis of viral replication. Traditionally focused on HIV, in more recent years we have also been studying this aspect


Researchers observe "spindle checkpoint" of kintocoros that control the onset of mitosis

Starting as a single cell, organisms undergo millions of generations of divisions to eventually generate the bones, heart, brain, and other components that make up a


Charla Timothy A. Springer, Harvard University Medical School, 13 de enero 2021

We will have a new zoom talk that we want to invite you on integrins and fluorescence at the level of individual molecules. Speaker: Timothy A. Springer, Ph.D., Latham Family Professor, Harvard Medical School and