Bioinformatics Symposium

Bioinformatics Symposium

SIBI 2018 II International Symposium on integrative bioinformatics

"Connecting with the economy, human health and conservation information technology through bioinformatics"Santiago, Chile

We would like to invite you to participate in theSecond Editionof theSIBI 2018 - II International Symposium on integrative bioinformatics,It will take place the days13 and 14 Decemberin the Campus Casa Central of the Pontifical University Catholic of Chile (Alameda 340).

The Symposium seeks to promote the ecosystem ofBioinformatics and computational biologyin Chile and Latin America, promoting interaction between students, professionals, entrepreneurs and academics related to disciplines of applied sciences and bioinformatics.

In this instance, we have with great regional representativeness, with ten guests from ten Chilean universities; In addition to six international guests who occupy strategic positions in Brazil, Argentina, and Peru. Topics discussed range from genomics, comparative molecular evolution and phylogenetics, Microbiome, Transcriptomics and applied biology of systems.

Thequotas are limitedand registration can be done through the sitewww.bioinformaticaintegrativa.CL. Enter our site and see the full schedule of theSIBI 2018.

You will be waiting for the13 and 14 December!

A cordial greeting.