Every day is Sunday: scientific outreach

Every day is Sunday: scientific outreach

'Every day is Sunday' is a Podcast made by María José Gallardo Nelson (Doctor of Sciences – University of Chile), Alejandro Murillo Córdova (Doctor of Biology – Pontifical Catholic University) and Carlo Apablaza Avila (Master in Philosophy – University of Chile). His idea is to be a space for outreach where topics related to science, technology and society are discussed in a close way.

Today, and especially with the COVID-19 pandemic, citizens need to be informed about scientific issues. The problem is that on the usual channels you either talk about these issues in an unattractive and technical way, like television, or there is often an overwhelming amount of contradictory information that people don't know how to discriminate, as on the internet. With this in mind, TDSD seeks to be a space where specialists who do know how to discriminate information explain and talk about well-established scientific consensuses in a relaxed and not necessarily academic way.

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