Research assistant is wanted to work at the Epigenetic Regulation Laboratory

Contact: Dr. Marcela Sjoberg
Institution: Pontifical Catholic University of Chile
Phone: 223542654

Cargo offer:
Research Assistant

Job Offer:
Dr. Sjoberg's laboratory offers a research assistant position to work at the Epigenetic Regulation Laboratory in the study of proteins involved in active DNA demethylation, the factors involved in transcriptional and post-translational regulation of DNA, and their contribution to homeostasis, differentiation and cell transformation. The position spans roles from the maintenance and organization of the laboratory (team meetings, daily project documentation, equipment, reagents) to the realization of experimental strategies including animal colony genotyping, quantitative PCR (qPCR), purification and preparation of primary lymphocyte cultures, cell differentiation induction, flow cytometry and analysis, protein co-immunoprecipitation and WB analysis.

Requirements to apply:

  • Professional: biologist, biochemist, biotechnologist, medical technologist or related careers.
  • Competencies for the position: Responsibility, commitment, rigorousness and teamwork.
  • Work experience: Good management of statistics and immunology, flow cytometry analysis, cell culture, qPCR and protein detection.

The application requires:

  • CV with 2-3 references

Deadline to apply:
November 1, 2020.