SBBMCh 2021 Online Annual Meeting

SBBMCh 2021 Online Annual Meeting

Dear Partner,

In line with what we reported a couple of days ago regarding our 2021 Annual Meeting online, we now contact you to invite you to propose thematic symposia. Based on your proposals we will organize a program that covers the diversity of areas that characterize our annual meetings.

The symposia will correspond to the presentation of 4 exhibitors, each for 30 min, giving a maximum time of 2 h. We ask you to respect this in your proposals and as far as possible consider criteria of gender equity and research trajectory (ie. young vs senior), in order to encourage the discussion of the greatest number of attendees.
We also invite you to consider organizing symposia within the framework of our agreements with sister societies, which correspond to the Chile-Brazil Symposium and the Cono-Sur Symposium (ie. Argentina, Chile, Peru and Uruguay).

Regarding the registration of exhibitors to the 2021 Annual Meeting, this will be covered by SBBMCh. All instructions on the operation of the platform will be communicated to exhibitors several days in advance.

Finally, in order to be able to properly organize the program, we ask you to submit your proposals no later than May 28.
Looking forward to your attendance and active participation in this 2021 Annual Meeting, we bid a cordial farewell.

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