Call for registrations – ICGEB

Call for registrations – ICGEB

Federica Benvenuti, Marco Bestagno and Giulia Piperno (ICGEB Trieste, Italy)


Flow Cytometry has established as a critical technology for academic research and in clinical applications. The technique requires understanding of the basic principles and expertise to set up, perform and analyze results.

The course programme includes technical lectures on instrument functioning, seminars on flow cytometry-based research and video tutorials. An integral part of the course will be dedicated to open discussion to address technical aspects and issues raised by participants. Topics will include:

  • Basic principle of flow cytometry, sample preparation and analysis
  • Immunophenotyping of cells in normal and pathological conditions in preclinical models and in the clinic
  • Single cell sorting and downstream applications
  • Advanced quantitative flow cytometry and functional analysis

Participants will receive video tutorials illustrating preparation of samples, instrument set up, cell phenotyping and cell cycle analysis.


  • Students andStudents and early-stage resea early-stage esearrchchersers
  • Prior basic working knowledge is oPrior basic working knowledge is of advantage, but not strictly a must
  • We highly encourage the submission of e.posters. The poster (one slide, pdf or jpeg, A4 format) should describe research projects at any stage of development or may simply outline prospective projects addressing flow-cytometry issues
  • Posters will be an integral part of the meeting and will be discussed in dedicated sessions
  • Participants must register through the ICGEB Service Gateway (ISG) to obtain access to the online platform and select the “Registered participant” option

Deadline 12 September 2021


  • A limited number of grants to waive the Registration Fee will be available for students and junior scientists who are national of either ICGEB Member States or CEI Member States
  • Eligible candidates must apply through the ICGEB Service Gateway (ISG) to obtain access to the online platform, select the “Applicant” option and upload the following compulsory attachments: CV and a Motivation Letter to attend the course; submission of an e.poster is highly encouraged.
  • Selection will be based on the documents submitted, with attention to geographical and gender balance. The submission and quality of an e.poster will be an assett

ICGEB Grant application
Deadline 30 June 2021

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