Offer of position to request scholarship laboratory IAL-Santa Fe

Candidates seek to present CONICET 2017 (Doctoral or Postdoctoral) fellowships and for degree theses

Possible topics

-Degradation of hydrocarbons

Characterization of Halomonas titanicae KHS3 as a biotechnological tool. Analyze the ability to use different petrochemical industry and biodiesel as a source of carbon waste compounds and accumulate reserve (polyhydroxyalkanoates or others) compounds.

-Bacterial Chemotaxis:

a complex signaling in E coli and signal transduction. Importance of possible interactions between the N-terminal end and the HAMP domain.

b characterisation of environmental microorganism chemotactic response Halomonas titanicae KHS3

Place of work

Molecular Microbiology Laboratory. Institute of Agrobiotechnology (IAL coastal; CONICET - UNL). City of Santa Fe.

Responsible researchers

Claudia Studdert)

Karina Herrera Seitz)

Send CV and contact information of two people who give references of the candidate.