1st AUGM Virtual School of Model and Biological Membrane Biophysics

1st AUGM Virtual School of Model and Biological Membrane Biophysics

Course Objectives:

The 1st AUGM Virtual School of Model membranes and biological biophysics aims to introduce graduate students interested in this area of research into a wide variety of biophysical methods that are currently used for the study of them. The course will begin with a general introduction into the area of cell membranes and biomimetic models and then continue with techniques such as: electron microscopy, microscopy and atomic force spectroscopy, fluorescent probes, infrared, electronic paramagnetic resonance, membrane structure characterization using SAXS, CRYO-EM and DLS. In addition, topics such as the interaction of amphiphiles with lipid membranes, structure and folding of membrane proteins and lipid-based drug delivery systems will be addressed. The course will be taught by teachers from universities belonging to Montevideo Group in their native language (Portuguese or Spanish) and is aimed at doctoral students being able to identify and understand the basics of techniques that can be used to study the systems in which they work.

Period: April 6 to June 29, 2021

Pre-registration period: March 8-26 via the following link https://forms.gle/7TsBj59j4RKhEZBE6

Cost: free/free

Course Director: Dr. Eneida de Paula (University of Campinas, Brazil)

Recipients: Graduate students of Doctoral degrees in Biological Sciences and PhD in Physics. Undergraduate students who are in their senior year may also be admitted biochemistry, biology, chemistry, biotechnology, physics and other related things.

Number of vacancies: 40 students (with exam and practical part). Unlimited vacancies for assistance to theorists (without practical part or examination).

It organizes: AUGM and UNL Biophysical Node

Course Coordinators: Dr. María Gabriela Rivas (UNL, Argentina) and Dr. Marcelo Costabel (UNS, Argentina)

Certifications: UNL certificates (Approved as postgraduate course) to be awarded will require a minimum attendance of 75%.

More information: To learn about the program, schedule, time load and teachers see the registration link: https://forms.gle/7TsBj59j4RKhEZBE6

Contact for inquiries: biomembranas.augm@gmail.com

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