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Protein Biophysics Symposium at the End of the World - 6-April 8th - University of Chile

Dear: I send relevant information with respect to protein Biophysics Symposium, to be between 6 and 8 April this year, at the Faculty of chemical sciences

Courses, symposia and conferences

March 7 Abstract Deadline: Liposomes, Exosomes, and Virosomes, Ascona, Switzerland

The Biophysical Society invites you to submit an abstract and register for the thematic meeting, Exosomes, Liposomes, Virosomes and: From Modeling Complex Membrane Processes to Medical Diagnostics and Drug Delivery,


Inclusion of Human Capital advanced at the Academy - 2016 national competition

This contest allows universities Chilean accredited, public or private, non-profit, inclusion of doctors as proposals in order to enhance teaching and research units

Courses, symposia and conferences

Diplomas Faculty of Sciences 2016 - University of Chile

Diploma in Molecular Biology and biotechnology Molecular Biology is the scientific discipline that seeks to understand the molecular basis of heredity, genetic variation and patterns of expression

Courses, symposia and conferences

Theoretical and practical course "Advances in Protein Crystallography"

Description: Resolution of the structure of individual proteins and complexes with ligands or other proteins allows to interpret the biological phenomena at the molecular level. Up to now more than 100,000 structures of these

Courses, symposia and conferences

Dear (as): we are pleased to invite you, to the extraordinary seminar, to be held on Thursday, January 28, 2015, at 12:00 hrs., which started with Welcome coffee at 11:30 hrs.

Courses, symposia and conferences

Days of research of the Faculty of dentistry University of Chile

Presentation lines of research 26 of January 2016 AULA Magna, FOUCh

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Embassy of France in Chile communiqué on the fire that has occurred in the download of Santa Marta

As it have found the inhabitants of Santiago, the fire that is has produced in the landfill of wastes of Santa Marta, located in the commune of San Bernardo near the

Interviews and letters

A wasted generation of scientists? -by Jorge Babul, academic University of Chile

THE Monday last the President Bachelet, to the announce the creation of the Ministry of science and technology, was emphatic to the warn that if not extend our capacity for creation of knowledge,