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Global Young Academy Membership Call is open

CALL FOR MEMBERSHIP Our call for GYA membership starting in 2018 is open until 24 September 2017. More information on our website: The call is open to early and mid-career

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RISE Worldwide

RISE stands for Research Internships in Science and Engineering. RISE Worldwide offers summer research internships across the world to German undergraduate students with academic training in biology, chemistry, physics, earth sciences, engineering,

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Second day of biomedicine

Ladies and gentlemen, along with health, the present aims to invite you to the second day of biomedicine that organizes the PhD program in biomedical sciences. This activity will take place

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I Chilean Symposium on biotechnology and bioengineering, Microbiana

August 24, 2017 9:00 to 17:30 hrs Auditorio Andrés Bello Republic 239 Santiago August 25, 2017 9:00 to 13:30 hrs Auditorio Andrés Bello Republic 239 Santiago

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6 Great Chilean discoveries which have had global impact

These six Chilean discoveries today are applied or are used in the whole world. If you think that in Chile the scientists, astronomers, biologists, engineers are "here no more", us

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"A popular antibacterial nanoparticle" seminar

Figure 1: Antibacterial mechanisms of Silver Nanoparticles. From this perspective, silver nanoparticles have also found diverse applications in wound dressings, coatings for medical devices, creams, impregnated textile fabrics, food

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Doctorate in Integrative Genomics

Universidad Mayor invites you to be part of the doctorate in Integrative Genomics, unique in Chile and Latin America. It is accredited with the National Commission of accreditation (CNA). View PDF

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Wednesday, August 30 deadline to sign participation to the joint R.anual 2017

Ladies and: at the request of our partners, extends the deadline to send or edit summary and discounted registration and also applications for our annual meeting scholarship

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Doctorate in Sciences mention in cell and Molecular Biology

Admission 2018: Apply online until November 3 see PDF

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Job prospects in biotechnology

Wednesday, August 30, 2017 at the 14: 00 Auditorium Maria Ghilardi view PDF