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Dear all: I invite you to read the interview with Dr. Miguel Allende at the following link:

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Prof. Silvia Nunez and Prof. Flavio Salazar - Salon talk Mario Caiozzi

Address: Santos Dumont 964, Independencia, Santiago, Chile


Fernanda Pinilla, the player of the Red studying a PhD in the Casa de Bello

Motivated by the good teaching of a teacher at the school, the left side of the selection Chilena, decided to study Bachelor of Science degree in Physics in the House of

Courses, symposia and conferences

Announcement: Be part of the 2018 Chile school

THE University of CHILE and the Embassy of France TE DAN welcome A 12th school Chile 2018 process of registration: step 1-registration via form available in (closure of)

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Invitation to collaborate heritage day

Richard S. Solis, Executive Director of the Museum of chemistry and pharmacy Professor Cesar Leyton, belonging to the Faculty of chemical sciences and pharmaceutical of the University of Chile, invites you to

Interviews and letters

INVITATION to read interview "the carotid body and his journey from sensory physiology to biomedicine"

I invite you to read the interview to Dr. Rodrigo Iturriaga on the following link

Courses, symposia and conferences

Start online course: Module 6-marker biochemists in liver disease. UNS

We are pleased to inform you that starts Friday, may 04, 2018 the dictation of the module 6: markers BIOCHEMISTS in the disease liver. The same part of the program of

Courses, symposia and conferences
Courses, symposia and conferences

School of theatre and science 2018 Festival

The meeting, organized in a manner jointly by the projects associative regional (pair) of the program Explora of CONICYT in the Metropolitan Region, and Centro Gabriela Mistral, GAM, seeks to promote the

Courses, symposia and conferences

University of Chile will dictate the course of galaxies for general public

Amigos Hola, tenemos el agrado de informarles que a partir del miércoles 9 de mayo 2018, a las 19:00 hrs, dictaremos el taller de astronomía para público general: “Los Faros del Cosmos: Galaxias”. El