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Call for new members in 2018 - Global Young Academy

Call for new members in the 2018 2018 Call for New Members call for 2018 so new members will join the Global Young Academy in the

Courses, symposia and conferences

ACCDiS seminar: "Progress and challenges in ATRIAL FIBRILLATION" Dr. Ramón Corbalán

The Centre for advanced diseases chronic ACCDiS Dr. Ramón Corbalán Division Cardiovascular School of medicine, Pontifical University invites you to your seminar cycle of cardiovascular diseases 2018 "progress and challenges in ATRIAL FIBRILLATION" Catholic

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XXiencia REVOCAN DECOUPLING of STALKER in University AUSTRAL the Court of appeals of Valdivia unanimously welcomed the appeal of protection by Alejandro Yáñez Cárcamo, revoking his severance of


Congratulations to our ex-President Sergio Lavandero by being appointed member of the Academy of Sciences of Chile

SERGIO LAVANDERO number Membresia:miembro type incorporacion:julio 2018 number Member date. 2013 member corresponding titles and grado:quimico pharmaceutical (Universidad de Chile, 1983); PhD in biochemistry of


Plants and trees census determines there 5.471 species that grow in the country

That was not done an update for 33 years. Now known that there are more than two thousand species that are only found in Chile. This new guide,


José Angel Rutllant and Sergio Lavandero joined as members of number in the Chilean Academy of Sciences

Both academics Bello House were chosen to integrate this instance who today heads the national award, María Teresa Ruiz. As a "huge personal satisfaction for having achieved


Latin American universities continue to Chile in scientific education for school project

The initiative of portable laboratories, led in the country by the u. de Chile and began in 2013 in the Metropolitan Region, today extends to seven regions and


Pre-curso: Affinity measurements by capillary electrophoresis and force spectroscopy techniques

Dear partners and friends of the society, this year the Congress will be a pre-course entitled "Affinity measurements by capillary electrophoresis and force spectroscopy techniques" this course will be the 25th

Courses, symposia and conferences

Santiago museums 11 hidden gems (and not so much)

Santiago museums exhibit or stored incredible pieces ranging from Mummies to gold medals. Here a guide so you don't miss them. 1. the moon came to Chile (photo: Valentina)