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Extraordinary CEMC seminar - Monday 05-11 DR. José IGNACIO VALENZUELA

The center of studies on exercise, metabolism and Cancer CEMC, invites you to the next seminar: title: "TRANS-ENDOCYTOSIS FROM FILOPODIA IN CONTACT-DEPENDENT CELL COMMUNICATION" José IGNACIO VALENZUELA, Ph.d.. Post-doctoral Fellow Dynamics of Intra-cellular

Courses, symposia and conferences

Newsletter ACCDiS October - Breast Cancer awareness month

ACCDIS continue investigating LAS diseases Chronicles of the CHILEANS by the following 5 years ACCDiS has been approved by the Higher Council of Sciences of FONDECYT based on recommendation

Courses, symposia and conferences

Postgraduate course: ARNs non-coding and bacterial RNA binding protein. Functional and structural analysis

33 h (theoretical) - valid for doctoral programs. 12-16 November 2018 in Fac. CS. exact-UNLP (calles 49 and 115). Teachers: Dr. Florent Busi (Université de Paris

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U. de Chile will promote science and innovation towards 2030

After winning funding from CORFO to develop a strategic plan within a period of 12 months, the House of Bello will perform a comparative evaluation between the faculties of basic sciences