Researchers add more than a thousand PCR exams conducted, tested corpses and new developments to deal with the pandemic

Four laboratories of the Virology Program of the Institute of Biomedical Sciences (ICBM) of the Faculty of Medicine, work full-time in the conduct of diagnostic tests of PCRs from


How severe COVID-19 is expressed individually responds to genetic differences in each immune system

Genetic variability in the human immune system can affect the susceptibility and severity of coronavirus 2 infection of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS-CoV-2), the virus responsible


Researchers assess wastewater as an indicator of potential viral outbreaks

By sampling wastewater in greater Paris for more than 1 month, researchers have detected an increase and decrease in new concentrations of coronavirus


International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (IUBMB)

Uniting biochemists and molecular biologists around the world IUBMB is a non-profit organization that unites more than 100,000 biochemists and molecular biologists in 79


Yeast genetics specialist explains how to switch from beer to alcohol gel

After CCU and InBev Chile announced a donation close to 200,000 units of alcohol gel, one specialist explained how to switch from beer to such a disinfectant


What's inside the Coronavirus?

A virus is "simply bad news wrapped in protein," biologists Jean and Peter Medawar wrote in 1977. In January, scientists deciphered a very bad news: the genome


15 universities re-invest their laboratories to diagnose Covid-19

Coordination between the Ministry of Science and the Ministry of Health shaped this support for national diagnosis to deal with coronavirus, adding 29 university laboratories in 11 regions.

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REMINDER ! TWAS Nomination: Affiliated Membership of TWAS 2020

Rio de Janeiro, March 9 th, 2020. Dear Affiliates and Fellow of TWAS-LACREP, We invite you to nominate the brightest young scientists in your region to become Affiliated Members of TWAS.


Reports Chilevisión news Coronavirus. Dr. Ricardo Soto Riffo

Reports transmitted by Chilevisión News about Coronavirus. Where the opinion of Dr. Ricardo Soto, member of our society and academic of the Institute of Biomedical Sciences, ICBM,


Academic Mario Chiong on possible treatments for Covid-19: "The only alternative right now is to use medicines that already exist to see if they have effects on this virus"

Nearly one million infected and more than 50,000 deaths have left the coronavirus, SARS Cov2, around the planet. The new virus, which causes Covid-19 disease