Scientists generate chimeric embryos of monkeys and humans

Researchers injected human stem cells into primate embryos and were able to grow chimeric embryos over a significant period of time, up to 20 days. The investigation, despite its

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Chilean researchers discover alpaca antibodies that would neutralize three variants of Covid-19

The doctor of biochemistry and leader of this research, Alejandro Rojas, spoke with Ciudadano ADN about this important finding and accused the authorities of lack of financial support.


New CRISPR technique offers unmatched control of epigenetic inheritance

Scientists have figured out how to modify crispR's basic architecture to extend its reach beyond the genome and to what is known as epigenoma: proteins and molecules


Vaccines that could protect against several coronaviruses could prevent a new pandemic

In 2017, three leading vaccine researchers submitted a grant application with an ambitious goal. At the time, no one had shown that a vaccine could stop even a coronavirus


Zombie Genes? Study shows that the expression of some genes increases in the brain after dying

Researchers analyzed gene expression in fresh brain tissue and found that gene expression in some cells actually increased after death. See full news –


Trials show that virus-based skin cancer therapy could be a good alternative for non-operable cases

Early results show that a new drug combination therapy is safe and effective against advanced skin cancer in patients who were unable to surgically remove their


Colloquium: Power at the Nanoscale. Speed, Strength and Efficiency in Biological Motors

On Thursday, April 15 at 14 h a virtual colloquium will be held in the Department of Physics of the UBA, which will be presented by Dr. Carlos Bustamante,

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Talk "Studies of chaperone proteins at the level of individual molecules"

Date: Wednesday, April 14, 17 hrs. To access it, please request a link to the

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Undergraduate Thesis Offer - University of Talca

Paid thesis is offered for students of Biochemistry, Biotechnology or related disciplines under the Fondecyt project "Extremophile Antarctic microorganisms enhance plant physiological performance, increasing health-related compounds in strawberry


The work that the U. of Chile promoted a year ago for the sequencing and detection of variants of SARS CoV2

Academics and researchers from the Center for Genome Regulation and the Center for Mathematical Modeling at the University of Chile formed a consortium of universities to support this work

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