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Randy Schekman Talk – Thursday, April 8, 12:00 hrs.

This Thursday, April 8 at 12 hrs will give a masterful talk Dr. Randy Schekman, will have simultaneous translation Link zoom

Courses, symposia and conferences

Called PostDoc Ring Contest ACT192073

BASES POSTDOCTORAL CONTEST PROJECT RING ACT192073 The Faculty of Sciences of the University of Chile, through the Act192073 Ring Project (PIA/ANID – Research Ring in Science and Technology),

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"Héctor Alejandro Venegas Esparza", by bioprocess biologist Felipe Cabezas, PUC.

Biochemistry of the University of Concepción, his regional training set fire the personal and professional development of Alexander, highlighting his personal and professional qualities that he made available in

Our partners and environment

"Alejandro Venegas, A Mentor by Nature," by biochemist Norberto Guzmán, New Jersey, USA.

Many of you met Dr. Alejandro Venegas as a phD student in Biochemistry at the University of Chile, or already received from a phD in biochemistry, or perhaps

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