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Postgraduate theses and postdoctoral sponsorship are offered in the area of Molecular Biology of Cancer.

Research funded by fondecyt Regular project "A phospho-switch in Endothelin-Converting Enzyme-1c modulates aggressiveness of colorectal cancer cells" led by Dr. Julio Tapia (ORCiD 0000-0003-1678-2708). The project includes research stays abroad.

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Notice Postdoctoral researcher project Ring ACT210079

Postdoctoral researcher is sought for the ACT210079 Ring project "Landscape of Clinically Actionable Cancer Genes: towards precision oncology in Chile". The specific activities to be carried out within the project are related to

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Protein Science Best Paper awards

En abril de 2021 el artículo Crystal structure and molecular dynamics simulations of a promiscuous ancestor reveal residues and an epistatic interaction involved in substrate binding and catalysis in the

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Research Assistant sought to work in the Biochemistry Laboratory The Biochemistry laboratory offers a position of research assistant to work on the study of proteins and their functioning. The position covers roles from maintenance and

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In memoriam Giancarlo De Ferrari (1965-2022)

Giancarlo De Ferrari Valentini studied Marine Biology at the University of Concepción (1993), always attracted by biology as an area of knowledge. Then, after doing his thesis in Hawaii (USA)

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PhD in Translational Biotechnology – VRIP-UCM

General Background Modality: Face-to-face. Headquarters: Campus San Miguel de Talca. Day: Daytime. Dedication: Exclusive. Duration: 4 years. Places: 6 Type of program: Academic. Taught since the year: 2022. Program Director: Dr. Ariel D. Arencibia Rodriguez / Administrative Assistant: Athia