Academia Chilena de Ciencias convenes contest "2018 PhD thesis Award"

A new version of the "PhD thesis Award" contest launched the Chilean Academy of Sciences in its search to recognize young talent that develops in the centres of studies and research.

In this competition they can apply the scientists titled with his doctoral thesis in the last three years. The requirements to participate are: be a student national or alien in any of the programs of doctorate in exact sciences and natural sciences of the country recognized by the Ministry of education and accredited by CONICYT.

The thesis should be submitted at the headquarters of the Academy, being the final deadline of August 31, 2018, up to 17:00 hours.

The prize is awarded by a jury composed of members of the Chilean Academy of Sciences, who will choose the winners in two categories, natural sciences and exact sciences. There will be a prize in each category.

The chosen ones by the jury will receive a prize of $1,500 (its equivalent in local currency). This award is presented at a special session of the Academy, where winners or winners, shall present a summary of your thesis work.

This distinction is granted since 1997 and aims to contribute to the promotion of science in the country and encourage doctoral students. The year 2017 were over 30 theses of high quality, where it chose two winners who must present their work to the members of the Academy in June at the award ceremony.

Any questions directed to the Chilean Academy of Sciences, Almirante Montt 454, Santiago. Phone: 224812840-224812841

Rules call for:Descargar

Background to deliver:

-Curriculum Vitae full. (Download format) (CD/PDF)

-Certificate of the doctoral thesis.

-A copy of the doctoral thesis.(Bookbinding + CD/PDF)

-Publications generated by the thesis.

-Conference presentations generated by the thesis.

-Two letters of academic recommendation.

-Additional background.