Andrés Couve Correa is the Prime Minister of science Chilean

Andrés Couve Correa is the Prime Minister of science Chilean

The Government confirmed Monday to the new Portfolio Manager.

Carolina Torrealba Ruiz-Tagle is the Secretariat for the same.

Andrés Couve Correa is the Prime Minister of science Chilean

President Sebastián Piñera headlined Monday, at a ceremony in the Palacio de La Moneda, the setting up of thenew Ministry of science, technology, knowledge and innovation.

The occasion was confirmed toAndrés Couve Correa as the Prime Minister's portfolioand aCarolina Torrealba Ruiz-Tagle as Undersecretaryof the same.

"It is a tremendous honor that science has come to La Moneda, and we hope that from here we can continue building. Our first task is to inspire with the opportunities provided to us by this revolution we are experiencing, where the knowledge must be at the Centre of our development model", he appreciated Couve to offer his first words as Minister.

Couve (49 years), which in the last decade has been involved in about a dozen publications, isDirector of the Millennium Institute of biomedical neuroscienceand Professor of Physiology and Biophysics program, of theFaculty of Medicine of the University of Chile.

The new Minister also has a Ph.d. in cell biology at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New YorkUnited States, and another at the University College London, laughed together.

A scientist with many opinion

As soon as it was announced today as the Prime Minister of science, they buoyed several interviews that offered Couve, mainly during the time when the project that created the portfolio was under discussion in Congress.

In a conversation with magazineWhat's going on, which dates from 4 may, weeks before the adoption of the draft, Couve said that"If the Ministry is going to be a pulpit scientists speak from an altar, I oppose",considering that "it should not be a Ministry for scientists, and I am concerned that it is," because, in his view, "is an opportunity to bring the country a way of doing things which has not previously been incorporated".

He even looked forward to that the Ministry could be one"Conicyt with more resources", with "makeup".

In another couple of interviews with magazine Capital She criticized - in October of 2017 - to "the way of doing things in Chile has not changed since La Colonia", and one previous, from October 2016, urged that "the private capital which was destined for politics, can today go to science"one year after the Chilean scientists they manifested demanding greater resources.