Beneficiaries of scholarship Marta Brunet studied biochemistry and obstetrics at the u. de Chile

Beneficiaries of scholarship Marta Brunet studied biochemistry and obstetrics at the u. de Chile

This is the third consecutive year that the House of studies, universal heir to the literary work of the national writer, it makes delivery of this benefit in the testament of the national prize for literature 1961. The students will begin their academic year with the award of university residences as part of their scholarship.

It was 1964 and theNational Prize of literature, Marta Brunetpresented before the public notary Arturo Carvajal Escobar to display your will. No forced heirs, the writer left as universal heir to his literary work at the University of Chile and stipulated the creation of a scholarship that, under his name, funding the college career of two students chillanejos, his hometown. East 2018, 54 years after this episode,Paola Rebolledo SepúlvedaandKaren Mora Becerra, former students of theLiceo bicentennial Marta Brunetthey will study Biochemistry and obstetrics, respectively, as scholars of this benefit.

"I was in my house with my mom and my sister when the Chillán municipality called me to tell me that I had won the scholarship", it hasKaren Becerrawho explains why he always wanted to this House of studies. "It was clear that he wanted to study at the u. de Chile because here you had the possibility of scholarship. In addition, it is a prestigious University and is one of the best in the country. All of that made me want to u. de Chile".

For its part,Paola RebolledoHe acknowledges that he ran without thinking that the benefit would actually win. "I was surprised very much when I warned of the scholarship. "The first step and joy was when I was in college and then this, so am very happy".

Among other benefits, scholarship "Marta Brunet" delivers a free pension in any of the House of Bello University homes and an amount in money to cover minor expenses, for the period that will last the race.

The Vice President for outreach and communicationsthe u. of Chile and who chairs the Committee Marta Brunet - instance that ensures and preserves the heritage of the writer-,Faride Zeránsaid that "the University of Chile had a debt with Marta Brunet and students of Chillán and we are very proud to have been able to settle it in 2015.We want to move forward in the revitalization of the legacy of the author, to which we have contributed with the critical editions of his workconducted in conjunction with the Alberto Hurtado University and with thethe original manuscript of 'Mountain in' recoveryhis first novel, which since last year, which coincided with the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of his death, the University of Chile thanks the Mario Ferreccio philologist to custody".

This is the third consecutive year in which are delivered these scholarships, which were retaken when the Vice Presidency of Extension and communication became in charge of this mandate in 2015, moment in which initiated the call. The first student to obtain the scholarship was Carmen Bustos Jara of the Liceo Marta Brunet, 2016; and the following year, Vicente Diaz Liceo Galleguillos Narciso Tondreau.

On the relationship of the students benefited this year with the national writer, this goes beyond the name of their former establishment, Liceo bicentennial Marta Brunet. "I did a job on the writer which was then published in the journal of Chillán. There I met fromThis woman who was as fighter, which worked because rural people have more opportunities. In fact, his books show these realities", Becerra has.

"Last year by the boarding school came to the cemetery to see it and show him our respect. She was a great writer and in his tales, one sees that the figure of the woman highlights and appears a very interesting social criticism", says Rebolledo.

Both Paola and Karen are Chillán and belong to the former girls school in the city - today bicentennial Marta Brunet-, two of the requirements for the award of the grant.

As specified Marta Brunet,students who choose to be beneficiador for the scholarship must:

● Be Chilean (a).
● Have completed three years of secondary education in the high schools of man or of girls in the city of Chillán, as appropriate.
● provide proof of irreproachable conduct and correctness in all acts of the private life of the applicant.
● Prove that the applicant has no financial means that will enable it to pursue studies for the chosen career.
● Have been admitted to pursue higher studies at the University of Chile, in the career of their choice (registration DEMRE).
● have been registered on the platform of scholarships and credits of Ministry of education and have been selected for the benefit of gratuity.
● Have academic career in secondary education (according to the criteria established by the Directorate of student welfare).