Cycle of lectures of astronomy and physics at Las Condes Cultural Corporation

Cycle of lectures of astronomy and physics at Las Condes Cultural Corporation

We want to remind you that during the month of November we are made a cycle of astronomy and physics in the Cultural Corporation of las Condes, next talk is on Thursday 9 November at 19:30 hours, more information below:

Talk 1

Title: Spies in the Cosmos. Travel and spaceships

Charlista: César Fuentes Ph.d. Harvard University (United States), academician of the Department of astronomy FCFM U. de Chile and researcher of the center of excellence in Astrophysics and technology related tasting

Date: November 9

Opening hours: 19:30-21:00 hours

Place:Corporación Cultural de las Condes (Apoquindo 6570input from our Lady of the Rosary. Las Condes)


In the immensity of space, our species has sent small "spies" - probes, robots, even manned ships - and all of them have been revealing the great secrets of atmospheres, planets and asteroids. Programmed death of Cassini to Saturn, the Solar System Voyager output and new projects are some of the topics in which this talk promises to deepen.

Talk 2

Title: Where and how stars are formed

Charlista: Guido Garay, Ph.d. in Astrophysics U. of Harvard (United States), academic DAS FCFM U. de Chile and Premio Nacional de Ciencias Exactas 2017.

Date: 16 November.

Opening hours: 19:30-21:00 hours.

Summary: The stars are the key to our existence in the universe. This paper, suitable for audiences of all ages, will seek to delve into areas most cold or dark universe: stellar maternity. This type of knowledge began to be possible only about four decades ago when radio astronomy technique will begin to unravel this enigma.

Talk 3

Title: The theory of chaos.

Charlista: Felipe Barra, Doctor in physics at the free University of Brussels, Belgium and scholar of the Department of physical FCFM U. de Chile.

Date: 23 November.

Opening hours: 19:30-21:00 hours.

Summary: One of the most fascinating and controversial contemporary theories is the chaos theory. What is meant by chaos?, what are the most important results that science has delivered on the matter? and the description of the role that plays havoc in areas of physics such as quantum systems, are some of the topics that this talk proposes to the public.

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IMPORTANT: The value of each talk is 10 thousand pesos