Community of the Faculty of Sciences met to pay tribute to Professor Tito Ureta

Community of the Faculty of Sciences met to pay tribute to Professor Tito Ureta

"A Road to Ithaca" is the name of the publication edited by his wife, Elfriede Herbstaedt, and other academics of the House of Bello, as a way of remembering a professional in whose life the sciences and humanities converged.

"Reading Tito's book, for those of us who knew him, has been like listening to him speak almost in his ear, with his indelible timbre of voice," said the dean of the Faculty of Sciences, Raúl Morales, one of the attendees at the launch of the posthumous publication of the outstanding academic of that academic unit, who died in 2012.

In the activity, held in the Hermann Niemeyer Auditorium of the faculty located on the Juan Gómez Millas Campus, the posthumous publication "A Path to Ithaca" was launched, the result of the editing work carried out by his wife, Elfriede Herbstaedt, together with the work of academics Eduardo Kessi, Osvaldo Muñoz, Rosalba Lagos, among others.

For Professor Lagos, Professor Ureta "was my mentor, a true teacher in every sense of the word, perhaps the most influential person in my life. He taught me that to be a scientist you have to work and think hard."

Tito Ureta was a surgeon graduated from the University of Chile in 1963. He was not only a renowned scientist, but also a great humanist who, throughout his life with discipline, rigor and enthusiasm, qualities that according to Prof. Ureta himself were inherited from his teacher Hermann Niemeyer Fernández, allowed him to achieve full fulfillment as an academic of our University.

The academic received throughout his career several distinctions, in which we highlight the Medal of Academic Merit Rector Valentín Letelier and the Medal Rector Juvenal Hernández Jaque, both delivered by the Casa de Bello.

Source: www.uchile.CL