Contest initiation in research 2017

Contest initiation in research 2017

Contest of projects FONDECYT's initiation into research 2017

The National Fund for scientific and technological development (FONDECYT) invites the scientific community to submit research projects in all areas of knowledge.

This competition aims to promote and strengthen the development of scientific and technological research of excellence through the promotion of young researchers (as), through the financing of research projects of 2 to 3 years in duration.

FONDECYT financed exclusively scientific or technological research projects, namely, that they lead to new knowledge or applications provided through working assumption made explicit in the draft. Does not fund projects of artistic creation, collections, catalogues or inventories, making printing of books, essays, translations, audiovisual, educational texts, or other similar activities.

Projects are selected taking into account their intrinsic quality and merit of the (the) applicants, without distinction of areas, institutional origin, or gender.

Every project that meets the requirements and conditions laid down in the rules bankruptcy will enter into the assessment process which consists of two stages:

First stage:Evaluation of productivity of the (of the) Research (a) responsible for

Those (as) researchers responsible for obtainingone score less than 2do not continue to the second stage of evaluation of the project.

Second stage:Evaluation of the proposal

Projects that are still in the competition, will be evaluated in the aspects of quality and viability.

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