National contest of inclusion of Advanced Human Capital in the 2017 Academy

Reason for consultation: call contest PAI-CONICYT 2017

Name: Marco Arrese
Affiliation: PIUC
Your e-mail:
Current situation: academic, researcher

The Department of Gastroenterology of the Faculty of Medicine of the Pontifical University Catholic of Chile, makes a public appeal to apply for stakeholders and interested parties to participate in the contest national inclusion of Advanced Human Capital in the 2017 Academy) The stakeholders / you must meet the following requirements:

Holding a doctorate obtained within the last 5 years.
Research experience, preferably in the area of basic and experimental hepatology. In addition to demonstrating ability to work in interdisciplinary research groups.
Experience in undergraduate and graduate teaching.
Submit a development project 3 years focused on the study of liver diseases of high prevalence.
Demonstrate experience in the area of research of the project proposed by ISI publications.

The background and consultations should be sent until 24:00 hours of the day, March 5, 2017 to the following mail that has been enabled for this purpose