CONICYT will finance the inclusion of 50 new doctors in Chilean universities | PAI

CONICYT will finance the inclusion of 50 new doctors in Chilean universities | PAI

  • "Inclusion in the 2017 Academy" contest will reach 25 doctors and 25 doctors in 13 regional universities and five of the Metropolitan Region.

Research in psychology, biology, tourism, computer science, physics, Botany, astronomy and nanotechnology, among others, were selected by this contest, which has as its main mission to contribute to the improvement of the academic, scientific capacity and technological universities. At the same time, it seeks to increase the scientific productivity,promoting the employability of new doctors in the Academy,assigning aexcess of four billion pesos for 50 new projects.

Consistent with the interest of CONICYT in both supporting the decentralization processes and gender parity in the scientific development of the country, the competitionit awarded 50% of projects to the inclusion of academic women and 60% to the inclusion in regions,in Chilean universities accredited, public or private, non profit, that develop scientific research in any of the areas of knowledge.

This year, it won applicants twice in comparison to the previous year, also increasing by 50% the intended budget. Since the last modification made by 2015 to the competition rules, this instrument has received 372 nominations, winning 110 doctors, 55 men and 55 women, and 67 regional projects.

"CONICYT has this competition oriented young researchers, in order to facilitate their insertion in the Academy, taking care do so inclusive and decentralized, because we are convinced that diversity it is very good for science. It is extremely important that a high percentage of scientists performed research of regional character, which is undoubtedly a tremendous contribution in order to position Chile as a scientific pole", said Executive director of CONICYT, Christian Nicolai.

In 2017, the beneficiary universities correspond to 13 in regions, ranging from the North to the extreme south of the country, and five in the Metropolitan Region, favoring in all of them, to researchersthey will work in the areas of natural sciences(30),Social Sciences(6),Agricultural Sciences(5),medical and health sciences(4),Engineering and technology(4)and Humanities(1).

The institutions will break down as follows:

Pontifical Catholic University of Chile 4
Andrés Bello University 2
Universidad Arturo Prat 2
Universidad Austral De Chile 3
Universidad Bernardo O'Higgins 1
Universidad Catolica del Maule 1
Catholic University of the North 3
Universidad de Antofagasta 2
Universidad de Chile 10
Universidad de Concepción 5
Universidad de La Frontera 1
Universidad de Los Lagos 1
Universidad de Magallanes 1
University of O'Higgins 1
Universidad de Playa Ancha de Ciencias de la Educación 2
University of Santiago De Chile 4
Universidad de Valparaíso 7
Total 50

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