Defense of thesis student chemistry and pharmacy

Defense of thesis student chemistry and pharmacy

Memory of title defence presents first bacterial infection model in Galleria Mellonella (wax moths)

The David Vasquez, academic Department of pharmacological and toxicological chemistry teacher he unveiled the important study carried out by the student of the career of chemistry and pharmacy, Fabian Moreno Ruzin his thesis defense exposed on April 28. It's the first bacterial infection model in Galleria mellonella)wax moth) mounted on our faculty.

Accordance with article by Professor Vásquez, defense was the public participation of Dr. Andrés Opazo, Ambassador young of the American society for Microbiology and research post-doctoral research laboratory in antibacterial agents, of the University of Concepción, and technologist doctor Pedro Alarcón, head of the laboratory of Bacterial Meningitis, bacteriology, the Institute of health section of Chile.

The directors of thesis, professors David Vásquez and Javier Campanini, highlighted the importance of this advance in the search for new antibacterial drugs, urgent need due to the continental spread of resistance to these drugs in multiple pathogens.

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Direction of Extension. With the collaboration of Professor David Vasquez. May 3, 2017.