From April 16 nominations will be open to the award L' Oréal - UNESCO For Women in Science

All Chilean doctoral and postdoctoral students in Life Sciences, Subject and Mathematical Sciences will be eligible for a prize of $7 million each, destined to support their theses.

Santiago, 2018.- Desde el 16 de abril al 15 de junio se encontrarán abiertas las postulaciones al Premio L’Oréal Chile UNESCO For Women in Science, que, como en años anteriores, premiará a dos científicas de excelencia que cursan estudios doctorales y post doctorales en Ciencias de la Vida, de la Materia y Matemáticas, con un monto de $7 millones de pesos destinados a apoyar sus carreras científicas.

The L'Oreál Chile – UNESCO Prize "For Women in Science" is the result of a unique partnership between a public and a private entity and has managed to consolidate itself as one of the most important initiatives to promote the career of women scientists from all continents, resulting in one of the great winners of the International Prize of the year 2017, María Teresa Ruiz, current president of the Chilean Academy of Sciences.

The mission of the L'Oréal UNESCO Prize for Women in Science is to promote the role of women in scientific areas and to support the development of women's research in the countries where it operates.

Despite the fact that significant advances have been made in gender parity in science and in particular in Chile, the number of women doctors of science who occupy strategic positions in laboratories, universities and research institutes is much lower than that of men.

According to data analyzed by the Department of Studies and Strategic Management, CONICYT, February 2016, female participation in Chile in careers such as science or engineering, barely moves around 18% of the total number of graduates, despite the fact that, in global terms, the gender parity achieved in enrollment and degree in higher education presents positive data.

According to the study, as the career of researchers progresses, the gender gap increases.

The least auspicious figures are around 80%-75% male participation over 25% – 20% female participation in leadership roles and in advanced stages of scientific research careers.

In this sense, the L'Oréal-UNESCO Prize for Women in Science supports young researchers and promotes science as a career. Celebrating the achievements of talented researchers, the program provides a public forum to express themselves and share their passion for science.

In Chile, since 2007 it has been sponsored by the National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research, CONICYT; with a first-class evaluation team and a Jury with the most recognized figures in the academic world. As President of the Jury, Gloria Montenegro, winner of the L'Oréal UNESCO FWIS International Prize 1998; Juan Asenjo National Prize for Applied and Technological Sciences 2004; Rosa Devés, representing the UNESCO Commission, Liliana Cardemil, Director of the Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Plant Physiology of the Department of Biology of the University of Chile and María Teresa Ruiz, National Prize for Exact Sciences 1997 and Winner of FWIS International 2017.

During its 20 years of history, it has awarded more than 1700 women scientists from 108 countries and in our country there are already 23 young women who have received it from various areas of science; such as physics, chemistry, biology, nursing, geology, forest sciences, biotechnology and ecology, among others.

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