Popular science and stellar evolution courses

Popular science and stellar evolution courses

We have two pieces of good news:

I.- On Thursday, October 12, from 7:30 p.m., anewNerd Nightwhere science and reel are mixed (entrance includes open beer bar)

This time there will be three scientists who will delight attendees with three themes:

– The good comes in a small jar. Nanotechnology made in Chile.Judith Lisoni, Ph.D. in Physics and leader of the Millennium Core of Multifunctional Materials for Applied Surface Science

– Let's talk about Trust. Cristina Acedo. PhD in Cognition and Human Evolution

– Stand By me "Any given day in the laboratory of a Molecular Biologist" Nicole Halcategaray, Ph.D in Molecular Biology

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II.- Stellar Evolution Workshop. The Magic Cauldron

Where: National Astronomical Observatory, Cerro Calán

When: Starting Wednesday, November 8

Target Audience: All Audience

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