Dr. Fernando Sepúlveda carries out training on cannabis in College of pharmacists in Argentina

Dr. Fernando Sepúlveda carries out training on cannabis in College of pharmacists in Argentina

Dr. Fernando Sepúlveda, academic Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of the Faculty of biological sciences UdeC and Scientific Director of the Foundation of Sciences for Cannabis, participated on November 17 as Rapporteur on the "training for" Pharmacists and professionals of the health Area", which was sponsored by the College of pharmacists of Olavarria, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Talk that was titled "medical marijuana: effects of phytocannabinoid of different psychoactive and its usefulness in biomedicine", consisted of transmitting knowledge with respect to how the molecules present in the cannabis plant affect biological substrates, i.e. how cannabinoids exert effects on the human body.

This instance is given since Argentina recently adopted the 27350 law, which regulates the medical and scientific research of the medicinal use of cannabis and its derivatives plant, Norman phytocannabinoid medicinal purposes use. "For this reason, there is a need for professionals of the health area with expertise on phytocannabinoid effects on the organism. This would reduce the risks and increase the treatment option that people seek", said the academic.

In Chile from October 2015 we have regulated medical and research use of varieties of Cannabis Sativa from phytocannabinoid. "Chile from the biomedical and scientific point of view is a little more advanced in research on the topic. There are crops authorized by the focused SAG in pharmaceutical development in national territory and one can buy drugs based on Cannabis in pharmacies, however, there is still a great investigative development", noted Dr. Sepúlveda.

Dr. Fernando Sepúlveda is currently working in collaboration with Dr. Gastón Barreto (Universidad Nacional del Centro, Olavarria, Buenos Aires, Argentina), who said to Dr. Sepúlveda as a highly qualified scientist in the field, suitable for training to the Argentine pharmacists.