International meeting in Biophysics of protein in our faculty

International meeting in Biophysics of protein in our faculty

"Protein Biophysics at the End of the World." "To Mini - Symposium on Protein Folding, Structure, Function and Dynamics" is the international meeting to be held tomorrow in our faculty, and bringing together for the first time several biophysical Latin America in lathe to analyze this discipline from different perspectives.

Professor Christian A.M. Wilson, academic Department of Biochemistry, and organizer of the meeting along with the teacher Caesar Ramirez-sarmiento of the Faculty of Sciences, points out that "it is first time that all areas of the Biophysics of protein gather in Chile from several perspectives, such as the molecular, from Neuroscience, physics, computing, among others, to meet and discuss and generate ideas in common". He added that the opportunity to analyze what is researched in the area and how is the progress of this science in Latin America, among other aspects.

Researchers from Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay will attend.

The activity is sponsored by the United States society of proteins)The Protein Society), the Pan-American Association for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (PABMB), the ISCB regional student group and the society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Chile.

It will be between 6 and 8 April in premises of our faculty, serving as host and main organizer.

More information on the program: