FREE Webinar: "how to improve your PCR reactions: new tools"

FREE Webinar: "how to improve your PCR reactions: new tools"

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Webinar "how to improve your PCR reactions: new tools"

Date:Thursday, may 3, 2018
Time:2:00 PM ARG/BRA/CHI


Duration:1 hour

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During the last two decades (PCR) polymerase chain reaction has become one of the most popular techniques of molecular biology since it provides accurate results researchers in areas of genomics, functional genomics and proteomics for cause analysis of sequencing, gene expression, cloning and production of recombinant proteins.Which topics will be discussed:

  • Tools that substantially increase critical parameters in your PCR reactions such as specificity, fidelity, and processing performance.
  • The retro PCR reaction transcriptase (RT-PCR) will be analyzed as enzymes powered for reactions of one or two steps.
  • Real-time PCR (qPCR) for trials mediated by probes or sybr, delving into the KiCqStart platform that includes among other, primers predesigned for any gene of interest.

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Speaker:Jayme Nunes de Souza Filho
  • Bachelor in Science by Mackenzie University in São Paulo - Brazil, in 1985. Master of Science by University of São Paulo - Brazil, in 1989
  • SOUZA-FILHO, J.N. Effects of ionizing radiation on crotoxin (toxin of venom of)Crotalus durissus terrificus): Molecular aspects. Institute of Energetic and Nuclear Research – IPEN/CNEN-SP – University of São Paulo, 1989, supported by FAPESP
  • Specialization in Molecular Biology signed by Regional Council of Biology (CRB-1), in 1996
  • Market Segment Manager – Academic & Biotech for Sigma Aldrich in Brazil, since 2009
  • Actual position: Field Marketing Manager – Research – LATAM at Merck