Dear member of the community of the Faculty of Sciences:

It Faculty of Sciences of the University of Chile regrets the sensitive death of the academic of the Department of biology, Dr. Mario Luxoro Mariani, Professor holder of our House of studies, Dean of the Faculty of Sciences (1968-1972), Director of the school of postgraduate (1996-2002) and award national of Sciences year 2000.

Our University community makes extended its heartfelt condolences to his family, colleagues and friends.

Their remains will be kept in the building biology Millennium.

Academic career of Dr. Mario Luxoro Mariani:

The Dr. Mario Luxoro Mariani obtained in 1948 the title of engineer Civil chemical in the University technical Federico Santa María. Then he entered the school of Medicine of the University of Chile motivated by his interest in the biological sciences.

The Rockefeller grant and to extend their training in the area of quantitative biology, he joined as a Ph.d. student at the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) of the United States, where he obtained the degree of doctor in 1957, becoming the first Chilean in his PhD in foreign.

Subsequently being academic of it Faculty of Medicine of the University of Chile, the Prof. Luxoro drove and participated next to others featured academic in the creation of the Faculty of Sciences and of the laboratory of Physiology cell of Montemar, in vineyard of the sea.

Initiator of the school of Biophysics in Chile, the Dr. Mario Luxoro was author of important and numerous publications scientific. It is recognized also their work in the training of scientists in the field of cell physiology and neuroscience.

Inform to you that them remains mortal of the Dr. Mario Luxoro M., are being veiled in the Auditorium of the building biology Millennium, their funerals are conducted at 16:00 hrs tomorrow Wednesday December 28, in the cinerario Memorial Park, Huechuraba (Recoleta with Vespucio).