Invitation study pharmaceutical care in Chile

Invitation study pharmaceutical care in Chile

Dear Pharmaceutical Chemistry:

Along with greeting you, we are pleased to invite you cordially to participate in the study "PRIORITIZATION OF STRATEGIES FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION OF PHARMACEUTICAL CARE IN CHILE: DELPHI STUDY".

This study aims to obtain a consensus of opinion among Pharmaceutical Chemists at the national level, through three rounds of online surveys, which will be conducted during the month of December. Surveys will be brief and include participant ID, two multiple-selection questions, and open boxes to add comments if desired (non-required field).

It should be noted that participation is voluntary and we attach informed consent form. However, we want to emphasize that your participation is valuable for this study and for the potential advancement of Pharmaceutical Care in Chile, and consequently the profession.

This research is part of the thesis process of the School of Chemistry and Pharmacy of the Universidad Austral and has been evaluated and approved by the Ethics Committee of the Faculty of Medicine of this University (attached document).

Answering instructions can be found in the survey header. This survey in its first round will be available until Tuesday, December 13.

In order to know the actual number of Pharmaceutical Chemists invited to participate, please check how many received the invitation if you have more than one email account, there will be a question for this purpose.

First Survey:

Thanking you in advance for your participation, you are greeted cordially

Valeria Veloso Uribe
School of Chemistry and Pharmacy
Universidad Austral de Chile

A. Mauricio Barría P.MSc. DrPH.
Assistant Professor
Faculty of medicine
Universidad Austral de Chile

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