Call to apply for the Organization of symposia for the 2019 of the SBBMCh meeting

Call to apply for the Organization of symposia for the 2019 of the SBBMCh meeting

Dear members:
As has been done in previous years, we would like to make them participate in the Organization of our next annual meeting to put into effect of the8-11 October 2019, probably in Iquique.

Thus, the Welcome topropose the Organization of symposia for this meeting.

As in previous years, the SBBMCh can cover the costs associated with registration, hotel and food ONLY for the international guests, while theNational simposiantes(members and non members) must cover their own expenses including registration for the event (no partners that participate in symposiums cancelled the value of partner).

It is therefore important to remember that it is the responsibility of the (the) each power Symposium Organizer (s) secure funds to cover transportation of the foreign simposiantes (passage to Iquique and international).

Thus also, is good stress that as have driven in the last years them symposia is performed in English.

Thus, we invite you cordially to do we gettheir proposals to organize Symposium until December 21This year our Secretary, Dr. Christian A.M. Wilson

Remember that there are 2 symposia that are made in agreement with other international companies. TheSymposium surwhich must count among the exhibitors with an Argentinean, Peruvian, Uruguayan and Chilean. In addition to theSymposium Sbbq-Brazilwhich must have 2 Brazilian exhibitors within the 4 simposiantes. Respective foreign corporations will be in charge of the cost of the passage of the exhibitors to Chile.

The proposal should contain name of the Symposium and a small description of the Symposium and name and affiliation of its participants.

It says goodbye cordially
Directive SBBMCh