María Teresa Ruiz in the campaign of Disney to inspire girls: "the invitation is to have important dreams in life"

María Teresa Ruiz in the campaign of Disney to inspire girls: "the invitation is to have important dreams in life"

The national astronomer was selected to participate in the initiative #SoyPrincesaSiendoYo - which in English is called #DreamBigPrincess - as the model to follow in a Chilean student.

SANTIAGO.-a global campaign has driven Disney with the creation of a series of short videos in which girls and young samples to the women who have inspired them in life, these productions include one starring by the student of Astronomy of the University of Chile, Javiera Hernández, and the national astronomer and prize in exact sciences, María Teresa Ruiz.

It is a program that called#DreamBigPrincess - and in Spanish was translated as #SoyPrincesaSiendoYo-which is Disney and has the support of the Dream Up of the United Nations initiative, aiming to inspire girls around the world in different areas of knowledge. In this context, the 20 year old who is in her second year, ran a small video and was selected along with other 12 ideas all over the world.

"I did not know this child and" She one day wrote me a mail in that it told me that the idea was to send a video saying who had inspired it. In this video, she told that she had felt inspired by what he read me in interviews and that she sent him", thus relates it Maria Teresa Ruiz to be consulted by EMOL. "We met, that was like a month ago, and they came from Disney with an entire team of support to it."

In the production, Hernandez discusses his career in science, on the role of women in this world who - ever less - was considered as a circle of men with the astronomer. "It's an atomic girl, I was impressed"Adds the researcher who has been recognized by the discovery of the brown dwarf.

"I am not the true protagonist of this, Javiera Hernández. He is someone that life has not given any possibility, however, she is not sit waiting for things to get you in the skirt. That's what most impressed me, she seeks opportunities. In addition to being talented,"says María Teresa Ruiz.

"The renowned astronomer was selected for the example Javiera Hernández saw:"That she has felt inspired by my life, I found that it is the best reward that I have given"." About the young man, Ruiz says that seeing her, "one thinks 'this woman has a resilience that a mountain is to prevent to continue their way' and what rico to Chile thinking that there is a generation that has a vision as well!".

"The main message that matches the name of the project #DreamBigPrincess - adds-, who have dreams or put goals in life that are as unreachable as possible. When you put objectives that are a little ambitious and arrive there, you do not have a route to follow. I think, in general in life, it is good to set ambitious goals, and if one does not reach them, no matter, because the goal is as a blip that you will indicate to which side need to go forward. My invitation is that: have important dreams in life“.

"I saw in it the absence of fear not to be able to achieve something [I had], which is something that I wonder why I didn't have that fear that if it was the only woman and I was going to go wrong. I never thought it", he says. ""If you had to apply for something, I did it. In that sense I felt it close. Also I felt that same feeling of having family and problems without much support from the social network surrounding me at the time, but one way or another, I found hands that help me."

On the role of this campaign in the world's children, María Teresa Ruiz is clear: "I believe that in the not so distant future, we will have many astronomers, we are already seeing as there are many young astronomers making news today for making great discoveries to their level" .