Newsletter V Agosto 2016

Newsletter V Agosto 2016

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Sixteen new "young researchers" of lyceums of independence were invited to it delivery of its "first notebook of Protocol" in it ceremony made the Friday 5 of August, in the classroom Magna of the Faculty of Sciences chemical and pharmaceutical of it University of Chile, on the occasion of the inauguration of the Project "Days of initiation scientific for students of teaching Media schools municipal of la commune of independence focused on diseases cardiovascular and Cancer"sponsored by the competitive funds of the Vice-Chancellor of academic affairs, Department of graduate and postgraduate degree from the University of Chile.

Project postulated and obtained by the ACCDiS PhD students: Evelyn Mendoza, Valeria Garrido and Mónica Villa, is intended to bring to the world of science to a group of middle school students (average 2 to 4 degrees) with high interest and motivation for the biological sciences. The eight days that the project will be carried out in four months, where students will have the opportunity to do theoretical research and practice in our laboratories, ending with the preparation of a research project, being awarded the best at a closing ceremony to be held in October this year.

The inauguration was attended by University authorities, researchers and members of the ACCDiS, directors, teachers, students and parents of the four high schools participating in the project: Gabriela Mistral school, Liceo Balmaceda, Liceo Rosa Ester Alessandri Rodríguez (REAR) and Liceo San Francisco de Quito.

The ceremony was held with the words of Dr. Marcelo Kogan, who gave an overview of the Center ACCDiS. Dr. Alicia Salomone, Director of the Department of graduate and postgraduate of the academic Vice-Chancellor of the University of Chile, stressed the initiative of doctoral students and their benefit for the students of teaching medium through the support to their training processes.

At the same time, Claudia Carrillo, head of the Department of management of the Municipal Education of independence, welcomed the opportunity for students from the four high schools that has independence to participate in this initiative.

Evelyn Mendoza, in the name of executing the project team, thanked the support to institutions and urged students attending to this instance they interact and motivate to do science.

After the ceremony, Dr. Mario Chiong, associate researcher of ACCDiS, held the Conference "Cardiovascular disease: problem of all"

ACCDiS seminars

From nanostructures to cell differentiation were the themes exposed in the ACCDiS seminars for July and August

July 28 was held the 10th seminar ACCDiS 2016 with the exposure of the Dr. Javier Morales entitled"Formulation of nanostructure polymeric filmstwo oral drug delivery systems”. Later on August 11, the Dr. Martin Montecino", Deputy Director of the Centre for regulation of the genome (CRG), spoke about the"Control epigenetic transcription during cell differentiation“.
Both seminars counted with the attendance of more than 90 people, among scientists, students and the public in general.


Dr. Vicente Torres was appointed Associate Professor of the University of Chile

The ACCDiS center congratulates Dr. Vicente Torres, associate researcher at the Center, who was named Associate Professor of the University of Chile. The ratification was made in late July by the Superior Commission of evaluation that House of studies academic. Dr. Torres performs teaching from 2011 in the faculties of dentistry and medicine of the University of Chile. Your research line is about the study of the role of Endocytosis and intracellular trafficking of receptors in the cell transformation, cell migration and metastasis. Throughout his career he has won projects FONDEQUIP and FONDECYT, being responsible researcher of a Regular FONDECYT from 2014.

Nanoarte workshop:

Transition from science to art

With the assistance of 16 people, including students and University researchers, on Thursday, August 11 development workshop Nanoarte: "The nanocosmos wonderful", organized by the doctors Marcelo Kogan and Ana Riveros, researchers at ACCDiS.

Nanoarte leverages microscopy techniques, usually used for scientific purposes, to portray objects and landscapes on the scale micro and nano, these images can have an aesthetic value or can be used as a starting point for other plastic compositions.Character theoretical and practical workshop was dictated by the Dr. Alejandra Tello Zamorano, having as objective "bring art and science, to form a bridge that is used as a form of communication" as explained Dr. Tello.

This time he talked about obtaining images in different microscopes. Also be addressed concepts on Nanoarte, interaction between science, elaboration of a work with content aesthetic, creation nanoartistica, composition plastic, theory of the color, technical digital of chromaticity and foto-montaje.

Nanoarte contest: The 4th National Congress of nanotechnology are invited to participate in a national Nanoarte contest to be held in the Congress between 5 and 7 September. Shipments of works, until August 22.
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