Thesis/memory opportunity at Concha y Toro

The Centre for research and innovation (CII) was born as a response to the new challenges facing our industry and demonstrates the commitment of Viña Concha y Toro with the development of the viticulture, focusing efforts in applied research to respond to the real needs of the industry.

We are looking for M.Sc. thesis (minimum period of 6 months that develop or seek to develop, their research in areas related to biological sciences (vegetable, molecular biology, plant pathology, biotechnology or similar) with emphasis on grapes vines.) Applicants will have the opportunity to work in laboratory or vineyards.

Some of the research topics that are currently carried out are:

  1. Development and implementation of diagnosis early, based on PCR and classical microbiology, (viruses and fungi in wood) vine diseases.
  2. Development and implementation of molecular markers of differentiation clonal vinifera vines.
  3. Development and implementation of techniques of biological control and strengthening of the plant material through the use of beneficial microorganisms.
  4. Development and implementation of techniques of cleaning of plant material by techniquesin-vitro.

The projects are presented as an opportunity to be developed as a thesis or memory of degree in collaboration with the universities.


Send full CV, letter of intent and two letters of recommendation to the