Post-Doctoral position


Project Ring Act 172101 "Plasma Physics And Pulsed Power For Energy And Life. Effects And Applications In Living Matter And Materials".

The postdoctoral researcher will coordinate the groups of the Laboratory of Pulsed Power and Plasma Physics (CCHEN) and the Laboratory of Cancer Genomics (University of Chile), for the conduct of the testsin-vitro.Conduct experiments to assess the radiosensitivity of tumor and normal lines and characterize induced cell death, including RNAs sequencing (RNA-Seq), data analysis, and functional experiments. In addition, he will participate in the formation of undergraduate and postgraduate theists, presentation of results at congresses and elaboration of manuscripts.


Gross salary is $1,500,000 (One million five hundred thousand Chilean pesos) per month. The charge is available for immediate insertion from June.

Headquarters of the postdoctoral position:Cancer Genomics Laboratory. Av. Independencia 1027. Block D, 3rd floor. Independence. Santiago.

Thetermnomination closes the0June 6, 2018.

Requirements and conditions, in the attached bases.

Inquiries will be received until June 03, 2018, via

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