POSITIONS in the lab of Dr. Lutz Birnbaumer - NIH Scientist Emeritus

"Laboratory of Pharmacology and function channels Ionic" offers positions Postdoctoral and PREDOCTORAL research group that is creating in the Argentina Dr. Lutz Birnbaumer, co-descubridor mechanism of signal transduction by G-proteins, and discoverer of the TRPC (transient receptor potential) channels, in which alone, or in combination with channels ORAI, participate in a wide range of diseases including development of cardiac hypertrofia septic collapse and the initiation of epileptic seizures. Recently repatriated, he is member of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States and corresponding member of CONICET and National Academy of medicine Argentina. Publications, see http://ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed /? term = birnbaumer + l

Title of the project: "Quaternary structure of channels formed by ORAIs and/or TRPCs" study of Assembly and activation of these channels in response to agonists that Ca by the hydrolysis of phospholipids.
Methods: biochemistry of membrane multiproteicos complexes formed by molecules with tags immunological or fluorescent; development of cell lines with modified genomes; visualization of molecular interactions by FRET and BiFC. Molecular and cellular biology.
Start date: To reach an agreement within the next few months. Early-stage finance in charge of the laboratory. Be expected to the candidates to present scholarships pre-or postdoctoral within the first year of stay.
Director: Dr. Lutz Birnbaumer
Requirements: PhD in chemistry, biology, biotechnology or related Areas.
Contact: Send cover letter and CV a: birnbau1@gmail.com For clarification or details call 15-5335-5734 (Dr. Birnbaumer)