President of CONICYT is named number member of the Chilean Academy of Sciences

President of CONICYT is named number member of the Chilean Academy of Sciences

In recognition of his scientific work, his work as a disciple trainer and the quality of his publications in international scientific journals, the President of the Council of CONICYT, Mario Hamuy, was appointed as a Full Member of the Chilean Academy of Sciences.

This membership has a maximum of 36 seats and can only be accessed, through a secret vote of peers, which is held when a member dies. In this sense, Dr. Hamuy, replaces at the table Adelina Gutiérrez (May 1925- April 2015), the first astrophysicist in Chile, who stood out for her research in stellar astronomy, interstellar medium, nebulae and symbiotic stars.

"It is a great honor to succeed Ms. Adelina Gutierrez in armchair number 12. She was the first person from our country to obtain a doctorate in astrophysics in the U.S., in the late 50s and at a time when the exact sciences were not considered a path for women. She was also the first woman to join the Academy of Sciences, in 1967. Mrs. Adelina, together with her husband Hugo Moreno and Claudio Anguita, created the first Bachelor's Degree in Astronomy in the country, in 1966. She was a teacher of several generations of astronomers in Chile, when Chilean astronomy was taking its first steps," said Mario Hamuy, at the reception ceremony.

The appointment was formalized by the president of the Academy and also National Prize of Exact Sciences 1997, María Teresa Ruiz, in the presence of other Numerary Members and Corresponding Members from Chile and abroad.

This organization was founded in 1964 and aims to be the venue for discussion and proposal of ideas on the knowledge of knowledge in Chile, bringing together the main researchers of the country.

In recent years, Dr. Mario Hamuy, has been recognized in various scientific areas among which his investiture as National Prize for Exact Sciences 2015 for his work in the Calán-Tololo project, where his research on Supernovae laid the foundations for researchers Brian Schmidt and Saul Perlmutter to discover the accelerated expansion of the Universe, This trajectory, added to the constant work he does as a scientific disseminator, especially among schoolchildren, led the Chilean Academy of Sciences to designate him as a Member of Number.