Professor Evgenia Spodine will receive award to merit Amanda Labarca 2017

Professor Evgenia Spodine will receive award to merit Amanda Labarca 2017

On March 9 in the room Eloisa Diaz of the Casa Central of the University of Chile, held the official ceremony where the Spodine teacher, will receive the award to merit Amanda Labarca 2017. Award, inspired by who was the first woman to teach a university professorship in America, is delivered by the Casa de Bello since 1976, and stands out annually to outstanding women in the field of their profession and service of the country.

With over 28 years of teaching at the University of Chile, the outstanding academic, scientist, researcher, and pioneer in chemistry in Chile,Evgenia Spodine Spiridonova, you will receive the award to merit Amanda Labarca 2017, becoming one of the 38 women recognized with this award for their work and career.

The award-winning belongs to thefirst generation of the career of chemistry of the U. of Chileand he has an important academic career, being Professor of the institution since 1989. In addition, it is one of the most important women in Chile and thanks to his studies of inorganic materials chemistry,It enjoys a recognition both nationally and internationally.

The jury choose the academic was chaired by theRector Ennio Vivaldi, and shaped by the formed by theVice-Rector of academic affairs (VAA), Rosa Devés; the representative of theAssociation of University women of Chile, Emma rooms; and thewinner of the Amanda Labarca 2016 award, María Angélica FigueroabeingMinister of faith, Iván Silva of the VAA.

"When Mr Dean called me and told me that he wanted to propose my name to apply,I was thrilled because it's an honor to a person even get to the stage of application. When I communicated with the Lord Chancellor and he informed me that he had won the prize, obviously"I felt very honored because I know that there are many colleagues who have good curriculum and perhaps deserve equal to one award", said Professor Spodine.

As for the award, PhD in chemistry said that "I think very nice that the University cares to see the work that women do because sometimes we do have more obstacles to reach certain instances than males, at least in my colleagues expe" experience has been so".

Outstanding track record

The teacher Spodine, has withmore than 162 publications in ISI Journals, which have more than 1800 citations as reported by the Web of Science.During the last ten years, he has published more than 60 scientific articles indexed, so it has been a continuous evaluation of scientific articles in various journals ISI at the international level.

Among the most important activities he has done, in terms of University management, the academicwas responsible for the coordination of the career of chemistry and the address of the Graduate School of the Faculty of chemical sciences and pharmaceutical of the U. of Chile served asFounding Director of the Center for the study and development of the chemical (CEPEDEQ)and it was thefirst Director of the scholarship program of doctorate in chemistry of the German service of academic exchange (Deutscher Akademisher Austauschdienst).

PhD in chemistry, has been part of the Local Committee of academic qualification and the Central Commission of academic evaluation of the Faculty of chemical and pharmaceutical sciences, and integrated the Superior Commission of academic assessment, charge that was ratified by the period between 2017 and 2020. As for his role at the level of scientific society,He was President and Vice-President of the society Chilean of chemistry.

With respect to projections in the field of chemistry, Professor Spodine, said that "in the scientific areas one sees that still dominated by men. "But I think that we are going in a right direction because now every time there are more young researchers and that suggests that all the work that one made also has left a way to keep young women".

On the distinction

The"Medal to the merit Amanda Labarca"It was instituted on September 2, 1976, and is intended to enhance the personality and work of College women who have excelled with exceptional reliefs in the field of their profession, in the domain of culture, or in the service of the country.

This distinction, which is given annually, consists of a silver medal which exhibits the effigy of the educator in one of their faces and on the reverse side carries the coat of arms of the University of Chile. Next Medal is awarded a diploma that leaves evidence of the award.

Amanda Labarcawho inspired this award, received the title of Professor of Spanish at the Institute teaching of the U. of Chile in 1905, and was the first woman to teach a University Chair in America. Throughout his professional life Labarca had a brilliant career at the u. de Chile inside and was noted for his contribution to public education in the country.