Professors Andrea Bunger and Mauricio Báez recognized as the best teachers of faculty

Professors Andrea Bunger and Mauricio Báez recognized as the best teachers of faculty

In the framework of the celebration of 175 years of our University, was today in the Central House of Hall of Honor Awards ceremony the best teachers from across the Corporation. The professors Andrea Bunger and Mauricio Báez were distinguished scholars.

About 40 teachers received the distinction from the hands of the Rector of the University, Dr. Ennio Vivaldi, who honored teachers from all areas highlighted by his teaching. The highest authority was accompanied by Vice Rector of academic affairs, Rosa Devés and the Director of the Department of undergraduate, Leonor Armanet, as well as deans and directors of institutes.

Of higher authorities, was attended by the Vice Chancellor for student and Community Affairs, Juan Cortés; the Vice President for outreach and communications, Faride Zerán; the Vice President for research and development, Flavio Salazar; the Vice President for Economic Affairs and institutional management, Daniel Hojman; as well as University Senators, authorities of the academic units, and relatives and friends of the honorees.

Our faculty was present Dean, Prof. Arturo Squella and the Dean, Prof. Javier Puente.

In his speech the Rector Vivaldi said in his speech that teaching promotes social change. "As academics want professionals going to innovate, to bring new ideas, will have contributed to a different Chile, as the generations that preceded this one, which was what one received." "That is the hallmark of a University such as ours, and that depends on something that is essentially educational, which is something that is not going to get but is through the example of you daily dan".

On behalf of the honorees, the Professor of the Faculty of Arts, Javier Jaimovich, gave a speech where he began by thank to "our students, critics and questioning, passionate and committed, creative and ground-breaking", given that" It is the true driving force behind the Academy. Problems and provocations that feed us, are essential to keep the mind and spirit of the teacher".

He also referred to the need to continue to deepen collaborative and interdisciplinary work as a way to enrich the training, as well as to contravene the individualism. "We must take more forcefully the advantage that gives us the plurality of the u. of Chile. We can so immerse our students with collaborative experiences that take advantage of the complexity and diversity of the University, where have alternatives and challenges that enable them to talk and work with colleagues from other disciplines".