Iquiquenas recommendations for next Congress

Iquiquenas recommendations for next Congress

Hilda M. Alfaro-Valdés, Biotechnologist of the Universidad Arturo Prat, Iquique

Iquique is great and very walkable... I recommend you to go to Cavancha, Brava Beach and is also Huayquique Beach which is farther away from each other. There is a ride called Baquedano in Iquique and almost at the beach as 3 or 4 blocks is the Astoreca Palace which belonged to a family that was owner of nitrate, highly recommend it. Walk Baquedano itself is pure heritage. Humberstone is a 45 min drive from Iquique is reachable by bus also. A little earlier humberstone there are other nitrate as Santa Clara. I also recommend that Pica will an Oasis located in the middle of the desert but it is great. There is the Lake which is a thermal bath of warm water and sold many juices and traditional foods such as meat of call etc. That is about 3 hours from Iquique. And the Tirana which is like 2 hours where the main attraction is the Church for the Virgin Mary. It is also the salar de Huasco 100% recommend it is beautiful with a beautiful wetland and seen flamingos, is ice cream so have to go warm this is as about 4 to 5 hours from Iquique and as 1:30 maybe from Pica. Also this Tarapacá but that is towards Arica... by bus can be easily Pica, Humberstone but the salar de Huasco perhaps better tour...

Clear Bustos, journalist, worked at La Estrella de Iquique

Recommendations of must-see in the city:

Custom, plaza Prat, walk Baquedano and houses of the Peru time, the Municipal Theater and the Astoreca Palace.
I could not know it, but there is a Museum, further north of the Customs I think, that it is a replica of the Emerald.

In the Centre, is the Santa María school. There used to be a plate, I do not know now what will be... But it is as a tribute to the pastured and working class going to think one second in them and the massacre that occurred there... That has more sense when you know Humberstone or when listening to the Cantata of the Quilapayún or read in history what happened at Iquique on December 21, 1907.

To the South of Iquique, the airport, are the guano of Pabellón de Pica. They brought there as semi-esclava to Chinese labor... is heavy that history. And there is why Patricio Lynch, the Red Prince, had the support of them in the war.

When it comes to food, South of Iquique is also the green sector, with very fresh dishes from the coast; exquisite also are the cavanchinos, with fried fish marraqueta Chilean salad, lettuce and other things. Sell sick Hedgehog also and as everything is beyond half aperuanado, Greaves of fish are in various parts and are very tasty. Restaurants are fed up with rich, they will surely recommend them some, I'm very outdated to recommend any, but I remember as one of the best the Neptune in the Center and several others in the sector of El Morro. And finally, something that you can ignore all Zofri, because there's nothing that you can not find in Santiago at the same prices, except for the liquor, cigarettes and perfume.

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