Seminar "Cytoskeleton and molecular motors in living cells". Dr. Luciana Bruno, 26 August at 1300 hours

Seminar "Cytoskeleton and molecular motors in living cells". Dr. Luciana Bruno, 26 August at 1300 hours


You are cordially invited to participate the next day Wednesday 26 August at 1300 hours, the seminar presented by the Dr. Luciana Bruno, Member of the Group of dynamic and transport intracellular belonging to the Department of physics, Faculty of Sciences exact and natural of the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Dr. Bruno will present his work titled

"Cytoskeleton and molecular motors in living cells".

The seminar is will dictate in the room of conferences (third floor block B) of the Department of physical of the University of Santiago of Chile.

We look forward to your presence.

Best regards Romina Muñoz B.


The capacity of a eukaryotic to resist deformation, transport organelles and change cell depends on the cytoskeleton. The cytoskeleton is a housing complex of filaments polymer flexible that have the capacity of grow, move is, generate tensions, withstand compressions and suddenly, disassembled. Many of these processes involve the participation of motors molecular that produce forces active.

In our laboratory mark them different biofilamentos using probes fluorescent and studied their behavior in cells living in way not invasive [1]. Also is possible to follow the movement of organelles individual transported by motors molecular along the cytoskeleton [2]. These local sources of active forces produce mechanical deformations of the filaments, which, in turn, are transmitted to the rest of the network and affect transport of the organelles [3].

This round and round between active processes and mechanical deformation is a complex phenomenon whose research we we are dealing from a focus combining experiments and theory.

In this talk will be announced some representative experiments and what can we learn about the cellular organization to splitting of a gaze Biophysics of these results.

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