"New worlds in the universe" astronomy workshop last days to apply!

"New worlds in the universe" astronomy workshop last days to apply!

The initiative will address issues such as the atmospheres and surfaces in the solar system in addition to delve into the discovery of exoplanets in habitable zone, such as next B, the Exoplanet closer to Earth. Classes will start on December 6 at the Astronomical Observatory, cerro Calán.

"Astronomy has confirmed the existence of more than 3500 exoplanets. Search techniques have been perfected and we currently have space and terrestrial telescopes from an enormous power. We are living a time of bonanza in discoveries of this topic", says Patricio Rojo, academic of the Department of astronomy FCFM U. Chile and workshop teacher.

The course called: "Old and new worlds of the universe" will be extended for four classes (four Wednesday continued in evening format) "this workshop is thinking so that anyone can understand the wonderful adventure that we are dealing with the" "astronomers and share our expectation that someday... hopefully not-too-distant can find life outside of the Earth", concluded the scholar.



Patricio Red, PhD in Astrophysics from Cornell University (United States), academic of theDepartment of astronomy FCFM Universidad de Chileand researcher of the center of excellence in Astrophysics and technology related tasting). Expert on exoplanets.

Agenda of the course

Class 1 gravity and planetary motion (December 6)

Class 2 planetary surfaces (December 13)

Class 3 planetary atmospheres (20 December)

Class 4 extrasolar planets (December 27)


From 19:00 to 22:00


$50 pesos per person (for the full course).


The workshops will be held in the main auditorium of the National Astronomical Observatory, located on street road in the Observatory 1515, Las Condes.

Nomination and registration

To apply you must enter your details to the followingweb form

Important: after that will receive an email indicating if there are quotas and payment


It is suggested that participants have a minimum of 15 years.

Parking lots

There is parking available for those arriving by vehicle.




-Card neighbour municipality of Las Condes = 10% discount

-Evening courses of astronomy Alumni DAS = 10% discount

-Officials, academics and U. Chile studerende = 20% discount.