University of Chile distinguishes the scholar Jorge Valenzuela Pedevila as Professor Emeritus

University of Chile distinguishes the scholar Jorge Valenzuela Pedevila as Professor Emeritus

Today our faculty lived a moment that will be written in history. Professor Jorge Valenzuela Pedevila was distinguished as Emeritus Professor of the University of Chile, distinction given to scholars of the highest hierarchy who have ceased to hold office and are worthy of this recognition for his merits and contribution superior knowledge.

In a solemn ceremony, presided over by the Rector of the University, Dr. Ennio Vivaldi, accompanied by the Dean, Prof. Arturo Squella, the University acknowledged the more than 60 years of academic career of a teacher that has shaped generations, which stands out by its knowledge of the history of the chemical and especially for its quality human. With this distinction is recognized as one of the most important intellectuals of the Corporation.

The ceremony was attended by the former Rector of the University of Chile, Prof. Luis Riveros.

Professor Valenzuela, is a Professor of biology and chemistry, PhD at the University of Texas, and postdoctoral fellow at the Max-Planck-Institut in Heidelberg, Germany.

Today developed in the aula magna of the faculty, recognition was the outstanding and massive presence of family members, the highest authorities of the faculty, academics, students and officials.

In his words to the honoree, the Rector Vivaldi said that "we are awarding a person who took the story to give away it to people who ignores her. We are distinguishing a person committed to the story but on top of that we are claiming the set of events that were building the history that we have as a University."

Dean Squella: "A man of many talents, much wisdom and great human wealth"

The highest authority of the faculty made a review of the passion of Professor Valenzuela by science and especially chemistry, also highlighting how your great humanity led him to change his taste for entomology "given the penalty that it caused him to kill insects with" cyanide". "Certainly," said Dean, "who know George can give credit that could not do you harm or to single-molecule by its great humanity," said.

In the same way, outlined the milestones of his brilliant academic career that began in 1952 and had a leap year 1968, when he traveled to the University of Texas at Austin to study for his doctorate in chemistry, being one of the academic pioneers to have a degree to cademico of that size at that time.

Professor Squella also referred to the faculties of the University that have marked her life, as the Faculty of Sciences, where he arrived after his doctorate; the realization of his postdoctorate in the Ma-Planck Institute; and its incorporation in the year 1974 as a Titular professor of the University of Chile.

In relation to its research activities, the University Authority said: "no doubt that the Professor Valenzuela may be considered as the father of spectroscopy of Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) in the country, technique that revolutionized the world of the" "radical in his time", among other aspects.

In our faculty, Dean Squella evaluated his performance as a teacher of undergraduate and postgraduate "by the quality of designated themes and numerous theses of pre and postgraduate who has headed, which in addition to them with intellectual rigor left a mark on the students and" thesis.

Among his distinctions was the best teacher of high school 2003 program and the national award for innovation in science education by the Youth Science Foundation.

He also stressed the important influence of Professor Valenzuela in the faculty to have played various administrative positions, among which is that of having been Director of the Department, both in the Faculty of Sciences as in ours; Dean and Deputy Dean in chemical sciences.

In its most personal aspects, Dean Squella made mention to his passion for history and politics: "owner of a keen sense of political analysis that is enriched with his tireless capacity for dialogue. Jorge can spend hours talking with an intellectual and then hours discussing football or tennis with friends. Man entertaining, with a warm word always ready to make feel good to those that surround it".

He ended saying "Jorge your works, your humanity and your wisdom to distinguish as a great intellectual of the University of Chile".


Prof. Jorge Valenzuela: "I am deeply honored and grateful"

Prof. Valenzuela recalled in his speech important passages of his life, mentioning some of how he managed to feel integrated to the Lastarria Lyceum once they ask him if he was a sportsman. "I said that it was a sprinter. For this reason I was asked to defend at the Lyceum in the Interscholastic Championship. I was vice champion in 80 meter long and third jump school, ending happy my studies", he recalled.

Also mentioned his multiple readings and various hobbies, both scientific and humanistic, with reference to their refusal to kill insects as it had mentioned the Dean, led him to chemistry.

In the same way, he told his experience as an actor in theatre Pedagogical Institute, like which withdrew to follow in chemistry.

"Me living for chess, I became a champion of the Pedagogical Institute, which led him to represent the University of Chile in an international tournament," said Professor Valenzuela, adding that then left it to assume that "he had sufficient conditions to become an international player".

Professor Valenzuela said about their passages of life: "With these examples want to convey when so many interests are there to experience them or live them until the balance or certain maturity indicate the right thing".

Regarding their experiences with scholars of international renown, he appreciated its proximity with Dr. Allen Bard, the most important electrochemical worldwide, Premio Nobel de Química candidate for his great discoveries.

And as an unforgettable fact told of how it saved from dying in a gunfight 1 August 1966 at the University of Texas, when a sniper killed 17 people and left 32 injured. His delay have been conversing with Dr. Bard saved him through the place where he was shooting at the time who always did.

Reviving other acts, as well as to teachers and students, said the next question: "do bring me the future?:"don't know. " The great philosopher Schopenhauer said once ´¨porque time runs slow at the start of the day and giddy at the terminarla´. This is now reality. I will try to deal with it in the best way, with the same energy, fortitude and optimism of always".