7th International course on Molecular Biology of Tripanosomátidos

7th International course on Molecular Biology of Tripanosomátidos

From November 26 to December, 2018 1 °
Institut Pasteur of Montevideo | Faculty of Sciences (Udelar)


Institut Pasteur Montevideo
Sectoral Committee for scientific research (CSIC)
Faculty of Sciences (Udelar)

This course will provide a basic and up-to-date overview of advances in research in the field of molecular biology of tripanosomátidos, it is aimed at students of undergraduate and graduate, both Uruguay and the region.

The course will consist of lectures on different aspects of the tripanosomátidos molecular biology and practical classes in order to familiarize students with tools Bioinformatics and molecular laboratory tools for studies on the molecular biology of tripanosomátidos address.

Contents of the course

• General characteristics of the parasitic tripanosomátidos
• Cell biology of Tripanosomátidos
• Structure and organization of the nucleus of trypanosomes
• Replication of DNA and genetic plasticity
• Repair of DNA in trypanosomes
• Transcription in Tripanosomátidos
• Post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression in tripanosomátidos
• Traductomica and its applications in tripanosomátidos
• Regulation of gene expression during the life cycle of T. cruzi
Comparative genomics • tripanosomátidos
• Metabolic aspects of the tripanosomátidos
• Cell surface and antigenic variation of trypanosomes
• Mechanisms of cell invasion
• Infection of tissues and transmission of Chagas disease
• Immune response against Tripanosomátidos
• Diagnostic tools and typification of Trypanosoma cruzi

Foreign participants:
• José Luis Ramírez (Institute of advanced studies, Caracas, Venezuela)
• Omar Triana (University of Antioquia, Medellín, Colombia)
• Norbel Galanti (University of Chile, Santiago, Chile)
• Ulrike Kemmerling (University of Chile, Santiago, Chile)
• Esteban Serra (Institute of Molecular Biology of Rosario, Argentina)
• Karina Gómez (INGEBI, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
• Alejandro Schijman (INGEBI, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
• Andrea Avila (Instituto Carlos Chagas-Fiocruz, Paraná, Brazil)
• Sergio Schenkman (Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil)
• Carlos Renato Machado (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil)
• Ariel Silber (Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil)
• Maria Carolina Elias (Instituto Butantan, São Paulo, Brazil)

National participants:
• Carlos Robello (Institut Pasteur Montevideo - Faculty of Medicine)
• Fernando Alvarez (Faculty of Sciences)
• Adriana Parodi (Institut Pasteur Montevideo - Faculty of Sciences)
• Beatriz Garat (Faculty of Sciences)
• Marcelo Ionescu (Institut Pasteur Montevideo)
• Lucía Piacenza (Faculty of Medicine)
• Maria Dolores Piñeyro (Institut Pasteur Montevideo - Faculty of Medicine)
• Luisa Berne (Institut Pasteur Montevideo)
• Natalia Rego (Institut Pasteur Montevideo)
• Paul Smircich (Faculty of Sciences)
• Leticia Pérez (Faculty of Sciences)
• Maria Ana Duhagon (Faculty of Sciences)
• Maria Laura Chiribao (Institut Pasteur Montevideo - Faculty of Medicine)
• Marcela Diaz (Institut Pasteur Montevideo)


Deadline:9 September 2018

Send application including:
-Abbreviated CV (maximum 2 pages)
-Letter of support from the head of the laboratory

Application and/or inquiries to:curso.tripanosomatidos@gmail.com

Maximum fit:20 students.

Shall pay to foreign students who are selected accommodation and lunch. Also is may be financed totally or partially the cost of tickets.