Objectives of the SBBM

The Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Chile (SBBMCh) it is an organization that aims to promote research, both technical and experimental, leading to the progress and dissemination of biochemistry and molecular biology, as well as any other initiatives aimed at the maximum use of these sciences for the benefit of the community and the country. It is composed of professionals and researchers dedicated to the study and research of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, both in the scientific and technical and applied aspects, which are admitted in accordance with these statutes, without any limitation of sex, nationality or condition.

In order to meet the stated objectives, the SBBMCh periodically holds scientific meetings in which research work in biochemistry and molecular biology carried out in national or foreign laboratories is communicated, commented on and discussed. It also maintains relations and cooperates with similar entities, national or foreign, that carry out similar activities. In addition, the SSBMCh manages and proposes to the corresponding authorities projects that tend to favor the development of teaching and research in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.